Over the years, the gaming industry has evolved and developed its own culture, which makes it essential to localize games so they are useable to both new and existing players.
With special dialogs, instructions, narrations and coined terms in a game’s unique world, gaming translation requires a certain extent of hands-on experience of both playing and localizing. We select translators that have both.
Platforms we have experience with:
●        Xbox 360/Xbox One
●        PlayStation
●        Wii
●        3DS
●        PSP
●        Personal Computers
●        Mobile Phones
Game genres include:
●        Role playing
●        Racing/Driving
●        Sports
●        Strategy
●        Action
●        Shooting
●        MMO
●        Fighting
●        Adventure
●        Automotive
As one of the world's most important economic sectors by revenue, the automotive industry produces product literature with tens of millions of words every year.