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Like it or not, machine translation is the trend in the language industry and it is definitely here to stay! Machine translation is applicable to documents with fast turn-around time and low readability requirements.

Old-school LSPs view machine translation as one of the biggest threats to the language industry. We, on the other hand, view it as an opportunity to boost our productivity and people’s accessibility to worldwide content in other languages.

We utilize commercial and open-source MT engines and specially trained MT post-editors to produce semantically correct translations.

To accommodate our client’s needs, we have designed a workflow specific for machine translation. This workflow entails file preprocessing, feeding the software correct language assets and continuously training the MT engine. Based on the client’s needs, we can perform either light or heavy post-editing.

To produce optimum outcome, the source files need to be cleaned up before running the text through MT.

Currently MT post-editing accounts for a small percentage of our revenue, but we are expecting and prepared for an increase.