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In 2011, we started as a team focusing on translation. 4 years later, thanks to our customers’ long-held trust, we have evolved into a comprehensive supply chain solution provider, helping our customer import/export as well as localize their products. We strategically choose to headquarter in Hong Kong, an international financial hub where cross cultural communication is so essential that business would not have thrived without it. With offices in Asia and United Kingdom, we are now able to support customers accross Eurasia in multiple languages.

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We take pride in our utilization of technology.

With our Translation Management System (TMS) and online Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tool, we are able to process orders in an extremely efficient and organized manner.

Our core members are all veterans in the industry, bringing to the company a combination of extensive experience in project management, quality management, vendor management and strategic account management.

We are not a believer of the one-size-fits-all approach. As an evangelist of dynamic quality, we listen to our clients carefully and identify what works best for them.

We have proudly served law firms, investment banks, manufacturers and various Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of domains, handling all types of documents from court reports, witness statements, contracts, financial reports, user manuals, newsletters, etc.

Key Differentiators
People + Technology + Customization = Quality Delivery and Happy Customers As a customer-driven service provider, our service delivery team are always happy to take the initiative to help.

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